Postpartum Doula

Julie assists mothers in navigating their new baby's first weeks home. It can be a challenge to find your new "normal" in a family plus one. Julie provides physical and emotional support for mom, while helping her learn baby's queues, needs and more.

Newborn Care Specialist

In their first months, newborns need extensive overnight care that can be difficult for exhausted new mothers to provide. When you need to get your rest and baby is wide awake, Julie's specialty in newborn care can help bridge the gap.

Sleep Training

Our 72 hour sleep coaching begins with a in-home assessment, and is the next step in developing your customized sleep training plan. We will stay with your family so we can observe your typical daily routines.

About Julie Aiono

A mother of 5 adult children and grandmother of 5, Julie Aiono has had a calling towards motherhood for as long as she can remember. As she raised her own family, she often found herself assisting other moms, eventually becoming a nanny. After taking some time off to help raise her grandchildren, she decided it was time to pursue her long-held goal of becoming a Postpartum Doula.

Keeping a mind towards "all things baby," Julie is constantly pursuing additional certifications, ongoing education and training courses to be better able serve the needs of the families she works with.

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